Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Constitutional Procedure in the Age of Leftist Power Grabs

An attempted impeachment of an American president is currently being established by; one radical group within one political party within one house of one branch of government — in secret.

And there are actually people who will look you strait in the eye and tell you this is a legitimate process.

Monday, October 28, 2019


The Astrology of Donald Trump

I’ve occasionally noted before my interest in astrology. I realize that many roll their eyes up at such things. My intention here isn’t to sway the skeptical into my thinking on the subject of astrology. I have a relatively dormant blog that addresses issues regarding the subject.

Among the many accusations directed at the current president by his opponents is that he is, in one way or another, “authoritarian.” I find this absurd in view of his actual policy positions and actions. Enforcing a nation’s immigration laws is not an authoritarian action. Likewise for deregulation and lowering taxes. Calling the establishment press, “enemies of the people” may anger a few elites but it doesn’t come close the the actual actions taken against media figures by the Obama administration. Responding to attacks with comical monikers (e.g. “crooked Hillary”) is hardly the strategy of a despot. More often than not, the people calling Trump “authoritarian” appear to have the very traits they accuse the president of having. Antifa proclaiming Trump to be a “fascist” is beyond the textbook descriptions of psychological projection.

No doubt, Trump often exhibits a swagger and tough guy scowl that the less perceptive would immediately write off as authoritarian, but trying to look tough doesn’t make one authoritarian any more than Stalin looking like a gentle grandfather made him nonauthoritarian.

This is not going to be an exhaustive detailed appraisal of Donald Trump’s astrology chart. Just some basics. Likewise, I’m not going to list the many examples of groundless claims levied at him. I’ve already covered such things many times in other posts (my favorite exercise in wanton hyperbole is, “...ripping children from their mothers’ arms and putting them in cages,” which could more accurately be described as “temporarily removing them from the proximity of possible sex traffickers and providing for them in large areas with chain link partitions so they’re not commingling with adults and teenagers”).

Donald Trump is a “Gemini” (like only two other past presidents; Kennedy and the elder Bush). The “Sun in Gemini,” by itself, could be “authoritarian”...but would be very unlikely to be. The sign Gemini adds an element of mental dexterity and often a childlike playfulness to a personality. It’s a game player, impish and often funny — the “trickster” archetype. In astrology, Gemini is said to be a “mutable air” sign, meaning it possesses the trait of adaptable thought. Mutability by its very nature is adaptable, changeable, and flexible. It is decidedly not rigid. Such a person will often take a strong stand only to change it the next day. One can accuse such a person of being unreliable, unpredictable, and irresponsible — but quite the opposite of authoritarian.

In Trump’s case, the mutability aspect of his personality is augmented further by the moon being in the sign Sagittarius at his birth. Sagittarius is said to represent “mutable fire” which could be defined as adaptable enthusiasm - - a spirited and optimistic sense of adventure. This spirited and independent optimism is often prone to exaggeration and boasting excess but can be inspiring as well. This astrological trait is philosophical. Not the polished or sophisticated philosophy of the academy, but one more akin to cowboys around a campfire. An individual could have this placement (Moon in Sagittarius) and be “authoritarian” but again, not likely. Taken along with the “Sun in Gemini” and some other factors I’ll soon mention, this is not an authoritarian personality.

The term “authoritarian personality” was first coined by the Marxist psychologist Theodor Adorno. Adorno had developed a bogus scale that appeared scientific but was no more than a depiction of anyone holding conservative views as “authoritarian” (I guess he overlooked the rich history of authoritarianism on the left that still plagues us today).

In Donald Trump’s horoscope, the planet Neptune is at a ninety degree angle to Mercury. This can represent thought processes that are escapist or transcendent. They can appear muddled and confused and lack clarity and precision. Because their method of appraisal is not based on logic, such a person may appear confused and scatterbrained but, quite the contrary, they can have remarkable intuitive insight. This style of thinking is often written off as “stupid” by people with far less intellect but a more analytical approach to thought. The “Neptunian’s” speech often involves paradox, symbolism, and playful witticisms. If one is impressed with the academic elite that rules the federal bureaucracy, they aren’t going to like a character who thinks and speaks in the realm of spontaneous dream symbolism....(they probably won’t like being called “Pocahontas” either). His convoluted speech can be hilarious at times. I remember him once saying, “ there’s a cloud over my head that isn’t there.” ...a walking Buddhist Koan. Those of us who appreciate his style “know what he means.” To the many who hate him, he’s merely “stupid” or worse still, “lying.” Those who criticize Trump for being unpredictable, confused, irresponsible, or childish are probably right to a degree but are apparently unaware of a simpler and more accurate description as someone who “thinks outside of the box.”

I’ve concluded that a lot of Trump’s effectiveness comes from what I see as “school yard politics.” Most people’s desire to “think like an adult” removes them from some very effective strategies for dealing with others. Instinctual behavior is often far more effective than the contrived etiquette we are told to adopt as we become older.

The icing on Donald Trump’s unpredictable and erratic manner is a very prominent position of the planet Uranus. The planet Uranus is said to be “conjunct the Sun” in his chart. It is also “parallel” the Sun — an eclipse between the Sun and Uranus. All this jargon simply means is that the symbolism of the planet figures strongly in the overall motivations and character of the individual in question.

Uranus is the planet of revolution. It is “electric,” “shocking,” disruptive and independent to a fault. There is certainly disagreement among those who analyze astrology charts as to the benefits or pitfalls of a given configuration. I personally like Uranus. To more conventional types, a personality dominated by this planet is seen as “weird,” “crazy,” and disruptive. ‘Definitely “anti-establishment.” These very traits inevitably put one in the spotlight to some degree. Such a person can be a “loose canon” but also an innovator and someone who follows their own drummer. It’s likely that they will have considerable charisma but can also be a lightening rod to conflict. The forces of stasis and establishment values will feel very threatened by such an individual (picture the scowling former CIA director — and former communist — John Brennen to see a caricature of the establishment).

A kind of cool detachment often accompanies the “Uranian” personality. Their openness to the new, different, and unusual often means they are notably unprejudiced in their relations. While most of us constrain our personal encounters to those of predictable similarity, a Uranian type doesn’t care about such guidelines. They can mingle with anyone of varying races, ages, or lifestyles. Trumps detractors would of course deny this because the narrative is that he’s “racist” and “homophobic” etc. In fact, honest appraisal realizes that these accusations are completely groundless. Trump was always more comfortable around construction workers than the elite snobs of his economic class. He’s always been very tolerant of gays and had made a point of elevating woman to high positions in his companies as well as guiding his own daughter to a position of success and power.

While Donald Trump’s chart contains many factors that are decidedly not authoritarian, there are factors one may find in other ndividuals’ horoscopes that are notably authoritarian. As an prime example, “progressive” partisan (communist) Michael Moore is a Taurus with a highly pronounced Saturn. The very opposite of Trump’s chart in many ways, Moore’s horoscope exhibits all the attributes of someone who is extremely inflexible and resistant to adaptability and compromise. On the whole, his chart is that of a dogmatic control freak. Ironically, it is Michael Moore’s chart that bears considerable similarity to Adolph Hitler’s in spite of his finding “Hitler” out there, beyond his own psyche. It should be noted that some of the factors I’ve described can be positive. If one needs qualities of persistence, determination, and conviction, a Taurus / Saturn combination can be a positive thing. (I think it’s clear that Michael Moore does not exhibit the best traits of these astrological markers).

Of course, most people are likely to have a variety of factors governing their personality, some more dominant than others. Some people’s domineering rulership over a people doesn’t extend far beyond a family or office. Others will project their more negative traits and find “fascism” all around them. I’m quite confident that, if one were to study the astrology of Antifa, one would find a lot of astrological factors that indicate authoritarian attributes combined with an enhanced tendency to project those attributes.

Even if one does not have a birthday (specific astrological chart) available, the astrological system affords an interesting template to view behavior. There are nation-states and groups that exhibit attributes of inflexibility, domination, and control (we call them dictatorships) and there are nations that our highly flexible, changeable, and open-ended in relation to their citizens (which we can accurately describe as “free” to some degree).

As noted at the beginning of this analysis, this is not meant to be an exhaustive appraisal of Donald Trump’s astrology chart. While every astrologer interprets a chart with some degree of personal bias, basic themes are fairly consistent. One can look up the aspects noted (for example, “Uranus conjunct the Sun”) and find descriptions in line with what I’ve written here.

I’m not going to make any specific predictions but will note the very significant “transit” occurring to the President’s chart at this time. In the sky now, the planets Saturn and Pluto are at a discordant angle to the position of the Sun in Donald Trump’s chart. There is considerable culmination to this by January of 2020 and continues on well into 2020 to some degree. This would indicate what is obvious; frustration and confrontation with powerful forces that literally seek to “destroy” — a power struggle. Of course, this has been going on for some time but, as noted, a climax of some kind is likely by January. It’s not particularly impressive to “predict” such things as they are playing out currently but, one could have noted the astrological predictive factors occurring now at any time in Trump’s past. To lessor people, such a transit could parallel a period of utter defeat, and indeed, that may be the case here but...

When all factors are taken into account, the astrological chart of the president is a powerful chart. When compared to the minions who have sought to depose him, there is no comparison. The struggle is that of a titan dealing with mere mortals. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi...pleeeease. ‘Clearly sub mortals. It’s important to note, in spite of many flaws exhibited and magnified, Trump is sincerely fighting off a very powerful clique of entrenched elites — they are “Saturn/Pluto.” Their goals are dubious and, in the end, ironically authoritarian. Considering Trump’s astrology chart, those of ill will toward him may find themselves confronting some well-deserved poetic justice.Unfortunately, it is their corruption and unwillingness to accept the outcome of an election that will result in considerable disruption to the nation as a whole.

An authoritarian doesn’t conjure witty monikers for those who unjustly attack. An authoritarian willfully invests power in the state and seeks to enhance punitive powers to eliminate opposition and control a citizenry. Those who now fit that description are obvious...and they aren’t Donald Trump.

Sunday, October 27, 2019


The Times They Are [Not] a-Changin

Note the psychological processes and chain of events that occurred in the French “revolution” (coup d' état) and every other leftist power grab in history and you’ll understand our times and the operations of the Democrat party in America today.

Monday, October 21, 2019


The Joke’s on Us

This is not meant to be a substantive movie “review.” I like movies, both light entertainment and quality “film.” I “get” Kubrick and even David Lynch (in small doses).

Over the last several weeks I’ve seen several reviews addressing the movie “Joker.” Some very positive and some very negative. Many alluding to political issues from either side of the spectrum.

After hearing one particularly good review by an intelligent reviewer who addressed the fine art aspects of the film, I decided to see it in spite of some of the negative things I had read about the film.

I can’t take a strong stand on things like this because I totally leave open the possibility that I’m missing something. I could totally be wrong but,...I think it absolutely sucked. Not only was the plot relatively meaningless and the context a bizarre negative caricature of the world we live in, I just didn’t see the great art in it that so many others saw.

I’m no fan of gratuitous violence. In that regard, my response was similar to that of “Reservoir Dogs” when several people told me how great that film was. Watching a bound person having their ear cut off and being doused in gasoline is not my idea of “art.” “Hannibal” was another classic example of Hollywood garbage. Violence can sometimes have merit in a film (e.g. “Saving Private Ryan”) but the kind of imagery depicted in Joker and films like it is beyond gratuitous. I’ve certainly seen worse and it would be misleading to imply that the movie does not have more than some isolated scenes of violence.

Again....who am I to say. I could totally be wrong, but film is an art form. I believe art should leave one with a richer understanding of life or spark one’s imagination. Sometimes philosophical insight requires dabbling in the darker aspects of life and there are some very good films which do this, sometimes including violence “to make their point.”

People have different tastes and my views are not the final word on what makes a good movie but...

Our current age is clogged with a decline in creative quality. Between cars flipping over and exploding (Joker has that too, of course), there’s not a lot offered that elevates the human condition.

No doubt “Joker” offers something for someone.

You know that feeling when you’ve stuffed yourself with cookies and cake and the next day all you can think of is a fresh salad and a fruit dish? That’s kind of how I felt after this “film.” I think I’ll rent “The Sound of Music” to cleanse my pallet of this garbage.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


The China Problem

It’s a pity that concocted scandals have recently overridden items of genuine importance in the news cycle. Hong Kong is still teetering on the edge of a commie bloodbath.

We can hope that sober minds prevail but the “party” that brought us the Tiananmen purge is still as ruthless, cruel, and totalitarian as it was from the days of its inception. This is a country that literally censors a cartoon character (Winnie the Pooh) because some citizens were saying he looked like their “leader for life.” What utter fools.

The issues of our time that annoy me most — like the current fabrications against the American president — are the one’s that defy the most basic attributes of common sense. Citizens of Hong Kong — a free and prosperous region under China’s...thumb — wish to remain free. This should hardly be an issue for debate. The Communist Party of China (like most communist institutions) has never been about debate anyway, and certainly not about the freedom to do so. Collectivism is always about power. In practice its brutality drawfs the accusations directed at capitalism. At a communist “revolution’s” start, they may throw in a few ineffective welfare programs to get the ball rolling but, in the end, socialism’s only goal is to establish total rule by “philosopher kings” — people who think they should control your life (and, think they are philosophers).

The Chinese Communist Party’s circumstance this time around is very problematical for them. They don’t really care if they are seen by the world as cruel or evil so a Tiananmen-style crackdown wouldn’t be beyond their options. Their concern now is that a major cash cow and conduit to world finance isn’t cooperating with the latest attempted power grab.

The protesters — common citizens — who are now defying these ruthless and dishonest tyrants are the true heroes of our time. They wish to be free...and China doesn’t want them to be — it is that simple (!)

I don’t think anyone is in a position to guess how this will play out in the end. The authoritarian government in Beijing is waaaay overextended in energy, money, and resources. The mass-surveillance state is expensive and, with Obama and other globalist hacks no longer occupying the White House, the gravy train isn’t as reliable as it once was (Obama certainly could not have been accused of following a policy of “America First”). A massive system of domestic spies, “reeducation” camps, and propaganda crusades are costly, particularly in view of the fact that they are spread out across western China and Tibet as well as ....everywhere else in China.

I went to China a distant seventeen years ago. I keep a blog account up describing my experience there, even though it was so long ago. Most of what I had written is still quite valid today. Under Xi Jinping, a massive campaign to reinvigor the party’s grip on society has no doubt made things as bad or worse for those who wish to live freely. Add to that the technological edge the surveillance police state now holds over everyone.

Unfortunately, as in every country, there are fools who are more than happy to kiss the ass of tyrants — the result of being too stupid to question one’s circumstance or lacking the will to challenge injustice. A more reasonable cause for concern is fear. The party can hurt you, as they usually do to anyone who disagrees with their self-deification. I still find it rather amazing that more citizens of China can’t effectively discern the difference between China and the communist party. It’s understandable that one would have feelings of patriotism for one’s country and culture. It’s ridiculous that a sane person would have feelings of fondness and loyalty for a 19th century German ideology (Hegel and Marx) that was imposed on them and, in practice, can do little more than enslave, coerce, and murder on a mass scale. The fact remains, “China” and “The Communist Party” are not the same thing. China is a great culture with a remarkable history that contains unlimited potential for good in the world and its future. The Communist Party is a cruel authoritarian/totalitarian enterprise born of foreign philosophies that seek to subdue the human spirit for the benefit of a small clique of elitist social planners.

Does anyone truly believe that Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong would not actively seek affiliation with China if it were a free and open society?

Excuses excuses... the Communist party often tries to justify its oppressive and violent hand as the necessary means of keeping order. In their fanciful view of life, without them in charge, all manner of chaos would break loose. Thus we again see the pendulum-paradox of radical politics. Forces of chaos seek to destroy traditional stable society, and once in power, seek to maintain their grip with rigid inflexibility. Hannah Arendt said it best, writing something to the effect that “It is widely known that the most radical revolutionary becomes a conservative the day after the revolution.” Of course, by “conservative” she didn’t mean a 19th century free market believer in natural rights but, the more generic definition as one opposed to change.

Everywhere communism has been imposed, people have lived in bondage under threat of imprisonment, torture, starvation, or execution. The “justice and equality” promised is nonexistent and the collective journey to hell is codified and enforced. Communism has always been a disease that spreads. If China is permitted to continue its influence and domination, it will eventually be at our door step — no matter where you live. Does any sane person really want to live in a society where all hope, progress, and happiness is constrained by a small group of cruel overlords?

There truly is an evil empire in our midst. Stand with a future where the pursuit of happiness is not a crime. Stand with the heroic citizens of Hong Kong!

Monday, October 14, 2019


Government is Evil

They won’t come right out and say it but, ultimately, the left and any lover of the state wants more of this.

Well...This link worked for awhile. Now, it just goes to a random YouTube page. Whether it’s a massive multi-billion dollar tech firm or a spoiled coffee shop poet, the left just does not want people to have access to different viewpoints.

Please check out the YouTube channel for the “Institute for Justice.” There are several videos that will inferiate fair-minded people. It shouldn’t surprise anyone when a monolithic government bureaucracy begins to destroy people’s lives and harass decent citizens.

As we know, in the case of socialism, give them enough power and their harassment will lead to destitution and eventually...death.

Saturday, October 12, 2019


The Deep Reasoning of the Anti-Trump Deranged:

“Orange man bad!”

For example?...”he just is.”

For example?...”There are so many reasons. I just can’t name one right now.”

For example?...”He’s a racist!”

For example?...”He”s a Nazi!”

For example?...”He goes to Central America and rips babies from their mother’s arms and puts them in cages...and then eats them.”

For example?...”He’s orange!...and socialists only like red.”

For example?...”Shut up or I’ll burn your hat, spit in your face, set fire to a local shop, and hit!”

Thursday, October 10, 2019


The ”Divisive" Aggressor and the Noble Pristine Angels of State Coercion

Part of the recurring litany of attacks on the current president is the oft repeated statement that he is “divisive,” That he is “tearing the country apart.” Given Trumps brusque and sarcastic manner, many could be easily swayed to think this is so but...

The left — and Democrats specifically — regularly says things like, “get in their face,” “If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun,” or Maxine Water’s famous command that anyone merely in The White House staff should be made unwelcome anywhere. We see mock severed heads and assassinations of the president. We are told regularly by media talking heads that he should be imprisoned, that his family members should be imprisoned, and the pervasive and groundless accusation is made daily that he’s a “racist” (of course, anyone who disagrees with a Democrat is a “racist”).

We should all be used to the concept now that when someone makes a critical comment about Trump, that very person is more than likely guilty of that very claim.

Back in the real world, if one listens to Trump’s controversial statements they are almost always a response to some rabid attack upon him. Yet, the media spin is that he has attacked some innocent angel from Leftdom. He calls the brutal gang MS-13 “animals” and the next day, the lockstep drones of leftist establishment media report that he “called immigrants animals.” He proclaims himself a “nationalist” elaborating that he loves his country and views his role as defending its interests first and foremost. The next day the thugs of state media proclaim that Donald Trump admited he was a white nationalist.

As it turns out, Trump is not “tearing our country apart.” He simply wants to serve in his capacity as commander in chief and do so in the interests of his country and its citizens. There is a notable a contrast between Trump’s valid responses to unjust attack and the pathetic responses of so many in his party. The Mitt Romneys of the Republican party are ever ready to bow their heads and apologize to placate the rabid wolves of the leftist industrial complex. What they call divisiveness is the rare and appropriate response of a conservative finally standing up to the daily bullshit of leftwing demagogues.

The polarization in America today is the result of the lefts’s inability to acknowledge or accept the fact that there are other contending philosophies in our system and when they win elections...They Won! The Jacobin horde was all ready to carry their flag of statism across the finish line. They had inculcated generations with their knee-jerk neo-Marxist dogma. The universities, public schools, Hollywood, musicians, and Silicon Valley have all rallied around the same stale crusade to supplant the free will of citizens with a powerful oppressive apparatus of state. If the president — or any citizen for that matter — questions the suicidal march into tyranny, they are labeled divisive. Didn’t they get the memo? The left says “forfeit you freedoms” and we’re supposed to say..."OK.” If someone holds a weapon to you and issues a command, are you “divisive” for taking defensive action? Conservatives can’t speak on college campuses? Why not? The Democrat’s Antifa shock troops will bash your head in for wearing a hat that expresses the desire to make your country “great again,” and one is divisive for wondering why all standards of decency no longer apply...when they don’t like your hat(!)?

Examples of the absurdity in all of this occurs now as a Democrat operative from deep state intelligence sought to paint themselves as a “whistleblower” monitor of presidential phone calls. Everyone on the Democrat side of the con has lied, colluded with the partisan so-called “whistleblower,” and breeched the rules and decorum of congressional protocol. After years of nonstop attack, harassment, and injustice, Trump is finally responding with an emphatic “fuck you!” (Not his word but no doubt, his thoughts). Which the Democrats label “obstruction.” It’s as if someone were falsely accusing you of a crime, presenting false evidence, and won’t allow your witnesses to testify, while they ramble incoherently that you’re “obstructing justice” because you’ve hired a lawyer.

The concocted accusation of wrongdoing regarding Trump’s statements to foreign leaders is laughable. To think there are Democrat partisans with the nerve to act as is they’ve never sought foreign cooperation in getting dirt on an opponenet. Ted Kennedy openly communicated with the leadership of the former Soviet union to assist in keeping Reagan from being elected.

No doubt some boot-licking statists will cheer when “whistle-blowers” working for America’s intelligence community perpetually monitor future presidents. Obviously they’ll let Democrat indiscretions slide since they are the party of the state but, either way, this is no way to run a republic.

In tandem with an overused victim-strategy, American Democrats have found it useful to paint America’s traditional party (little has changed in Republican policy positions over decades) as a sort of aggressor. With the guiding fist of establishment media, entertainment, education, and government bureaucracy, we’re supposed to actually view the party of low taxes, deregulation, and constitutional originalism as somehow an active agent of aggressive action toward the docile innocence of America’s new socialist party (previously known as “Democrats”). In the left’s eyes, conservatives are divisive for not obeying the commands of their ”liberal” ruling class.

Conservatives, unlike leftists, don’t believe that half the political spectrum is invalid. We don’t need to shut down free speech or demand that all sources of information only spout a one-party line. We also don’t need to deny the resuts of an election and try to stage a coup before an election winner even takes his or her oath of office.

After decades of “progressive” subversion into American culture, the U.S. has been on the verge of being taken over by a clique of authoritarian intellectual bureau-thugs. Trump appears to be the only American political leader to have the energy, determination, and raw will to challenge these corrupt institutions. He is NOT one of THEM.

It’s now clear who the media, “entertainment,” and “education” side with...and, it isn’t the common citizens of our country. Yet, some citizens are stupid enough to side with them, their future masters who will tell them what or if they can drive, what they can eat, and what portion of their wealth they’ll be allowed to keep.

Trump is a one-man contemporary Boston Tea Party and that’s something leftist fools and control freaks fear...and all decent citizens can appreciate. If that’s “divisive,” carry on.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019


Quid Pro Quo

This is information that is readily available from multiple sources and not all partisan, yet...

You won’t be seeing it mentioned on the likes of CNN or the Washington Post.

It should be noted at the time that the Soviet Union was a communist dictatorship and America’s greatest enemy. Kennedy wanted to help them defeat Ronald Reagan in return for ...defeating Ronald Reagan.

This is one — very significant — example of Democrats conspiring with foreign leaders to “get dirt on” their opponents and to sell the country’s security to do so.

Democrats. Move along, nothing to see here.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019


Candice Owen...Not taking Any of their Shit

This is another one of those YouTube clips that Google-owned Blogger doesn’t seem to want me to post a link to. Soooo, do a search on Youtube for “Candice Owens EXPLODES on white liberal professor.” Go to the two minute-twenty second point to see some really good fiery polemic. The video begins with classic whiney smug suburban milquetoast leftism.

Sunday, October 06, 2019


The Cabal and it’s Facilitators

Maybe this isn’t a big issue but, I did a search on YouTube for (Ex-CIA director) John Brennen. I tried different wording such as “recent interview” and “September 2019” etc. No matter what I did, the results only came back for videos from many months and years ago. I had previously seen recent interviews with him on state media (CNN, MSNBC, etc.).

What’s up with that?

This is not the same case for Rudolph Guiliani, where several recent interviews are shown from various media outlets. So why the odd omission of Brennen’s many recent rants? I could be wrong, but I think most people know that current investigations into the deep state coup attempt are likely to reveal some troubling news to the anti-Trump forces. People who have been following this nonsense highly suspect that Brennen is one of the ring leaders in all of it. At this point it may be somewhat embarrassing to the networks that regularly let these deep state demagogues spout their attacks on the president.

John Brennen, former communist turned Muslim and head of the CIA under Obama (!) — go figure.

Thursday, October 03, 2019


The Irony of the Space Schiff

Wednesday, October 02, 2019


I don’t think it’s a whistle the “whistleblower” was blowing.


“Impeachable Offenses”...Pulled from the Ass of NeoComms

In any other time or place, a country’s population would be rolling their eyes up over the blatant absurdity of what the current president is being put through.

There are certainly more than a few observers’ clarifying arguments in defense of the president. The best, in my mind, being Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin. God help the clueless Democrats who one day have to attend a confirmation hearing for Mark Levin as a Supreme Court Justice.

I’m not going to repeat the many absurdities of the Democrats’ position in this latest attempt to ...”orange man bad.” What I am going to do is note the most significant thing in all of this. It should concern everyone that the most bizarre and meaningless accusations are now looked at as if they are serious points for debate.

A president holds different views regarding policy, and won an election expressing those views. None of the views are extreme or particularly unusual: He sees his own country’s citizen’s interests as his first priority. He believes in actively pursuing economic and trade policies that will result in the most positive good to his fellow citizens. He wishes to enforce his country’s laws regarding immigration and border security, he feels that America’s Bill of Rights must be adhered to and that citizens’s voices and beliefs should not be censored or infringed upon. There are, of course, numerous specifics that are reasonable points of contention but such partisan disagreement has always been the case in past administrations. Again, we’re not talking about an attempt to “fundamentally transform” the country, which was the stated goal of the last president.

So, again, what is so special about now that the most mundane roles of a president are labeled authoritarian, fascistic, Nazi, and...”orange?”

One significant catalyst in all of this is a news media that is compliant in the wishes of the entrenched Bureau-state. The establishment media is for all intents and purposes, state media. Remember, no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.

Even the issue of media collusion in the coup that has been taking place is just an example of a larger issue.

The leftist industrial complex is not trying to stop Trump from doing something. They’re freaking out because Trump is successfully stopping them from doing what they have directed their efforts toward for decades. Aggrandizement of power by the state seems to follow some basic principles, whatever statist minions may individually seek. The centripetal momentum is beyond the parts which seek to direct it. (Anthropomorphizing) Government “wants” to grow and consolidate power. There are individuals who think they are behind the wheel, but they’re not. An archetype pulls events and actions as much as individual players imagine they are directing them. I won’t claim it is any different for those of us who believe in individuality and freedom. Our support for freedom is certainly a valid personal belief but the principle itself is beyond us and directs us as much as we hope to direct it.

As I have stated many times before; the momentum to focus unbridled centralized power has been an ongoing project of at least a hundred years. The founders knew this would happen. They brilliantly established the country’s framework to make the statist task beyond difficult but, the defenses against emergent tyranny couldn’t last forever.

Donald Trump is an unforeseen obstacle to the state’s intrusion upon individual liberty. Election year soundbites like “free healthcare” and “free college” are meaningless. It is always the myth-like battle between centrifugal and centripetal gods directing the course of history.

So it is that we’ve reached the point where people can seriously pretend that a major scandal has occurred because a president talked on the phone with a foreign leader. Some would even suggest that he “sought dirt on a political opponent (gasp)” — like that never happens. The entire last three years has been an exercise by the Democrat/socialists to fabricate dirt on their political opponent!

An almost amusing side-note in all of this is the Democrat/socialists pretending that they haven’t already been trying to impeach Trump since before he was even elected. They simply can’t accept the outcome of the election. They can’t let their mission to establish socialism in America falter. They can’t let the forces of manifest state authority lose to the forces of individual liberty. And, as usual, they just can’t leave people alone.

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